Matt and Jim
For those of you wanting to 
and/or seed your lawn; the calendar
 is now your friend. The best times 
for seeding are August through September for aeration, August 
through October.  

Following his turf conference at US Cellular Field, when asked by 
reporters if there were just one 
thing homeowners would take 
from the conference for their lawn, 
Rodger Bossard the famous “Sod 
Father” answered “the benefits of Aeration”

Turn to the enclosed information sheets for more detail regarding seeding and aerating. Contact us to schedule your service.

        A look out? Yes, just a 
reminder of the role you need to
 take to protect your lawn. This is
 the time of year when insect and 
drought damage become issues. In 
many case it is very difficult to tell 
one from the other. If your lawn 
develops brown or dead spots that 
don’t respond to watering, call us immediately, it could be the result  
of insect damage.
We can’t make 
this warning too often: New grass 
and ornamental plants take several years to develop a mature root system. Any plants under five years old need to be watered regularly.

Another caution worth repeating relates to the proper or improper method to place mulch around your trees. DO NOT place tall pile of 
mulch around your trees. Of the
 above picture; left Bad, right Good.

On July 15th we made our annual 
trip to West Lafayette to attend Turf Day at Purdue’s University Turf center.

Some of the topic presented:

Dealing with grubs and other insects

Studies confirm that lawns benefit from returning clippings to the lawn and from cutting at a height of 3” or more.

Received an update of herbicides approved for use on residential 

Responsible application practices for fertilizer and weed control products

A tour of the weed garden. That’s right, a garden dedicated to weeds. Purdue’s staff has raised and labeled over seventy weeds to help us 
identify and understand “the enemy”.

Maybe not the best example of 
spots, but you get the idea. You may have noticing spots or areas of your lawn that that look different from 
the surrounding grass. Sometimes these areas are made up of grassy weeds or unwanted grass plants
 with names like nimblewill, bermuda grass, field grass, fescue, fountain grass or others. Contact us, there “may “ be specialty herbicides that can address these, usually requiring multiple applications.  

Enjoy the Summer.

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