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Highland and Wicker Park are three areas that have been hard hit. Once the upper branches of the tree start to die-back, branches with no leaves, it is probably too late to save the tree. Moral of the story, read the news letter and if you have an ash tree that does not yet show symptoms of attack and you want to save it…ACT IMMEDIATELY, Contact a tree company and discuss treatment options

We don’t have to look too far to see the impact of last winter on bushes and ornamental plants. A significant amount of this damage was caused by the fact that plants were not sufficiently watered and therefore suffering from stress going into winter. Just because we have enjoyed a significant amount of rain this Spring and early Summer, keep this in mind, water your plants.

Evotranspiration noun
the process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and by transpiration from plants.

Remember, heat, sun and wind can dry out the soil and therefore your plants and lawn quickly, even after the rainfall received in May and June. Be observant.

July is the time to apply grub control. If you requested this in your work sheet submitted this Spring we will do it for you. If you’ve now decided you want it done or just want o be sure you are on the list, contact us. Should you request grub contol?
Studies at Cornell University have shown that over 70 percent of all grub control treatments were applied needlessly. Why? Because there were no grubs in the lawn to treat in the first place. But, we know that grubs tend to return to damage the same turfgrass areas in successive years. So, if you or your neighbors, had grubs last year or the year before, chances are that you will have them there again this year, so apply preventative treatments.

 Do you have a question about your lawn care or landscape? Send it to us we may use it in the newsletter!

One size fits all. That usually doesn’t work for clothes and neither does it fit for herbicides. While at their home, a customer was asking me why they weren’t able to kill crabgrass growing in the cracks of their sidewalk after all they had used a good quality weed killer. The answer was, though crabgrass met the literal definition of a weed “ something growing where you don’t want it to”, it is a grass, not a broad leaf weed and as a result the lawn herbicide would not kill it. That is why we list/use six (6) different herbicides on the work sheets we leave at your home following our visits.  

When shopping, read the labels, on it is the information detailing those weeds targeted by the herbicide. Look for the list of plants controlled as opposed to those supressed.

Over the years, we have used our newsletter to educate, inform and have a little fun. For more than five years, we have been warning customers about the problem of the emerald ash bore (EAB) and the need to have your tree treated if you wanted to save it. These bugs have devastated Lake County, Munster. 
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