Matt and Jim
We start this newslettter as we do most years, letting you know that we haven’t forgotten you. The delays in cutting are due to the spring rains. We will strive for lawn maintenance on a regular schedule as soon as possible. Until then we may arrive on different days for a few weeks until the weatherman lets us settle into a schedule. The good new; the rains will help everything green up after the long dry winter.
We are receiving calls from people who want their lawns power raked, as they see what they believe to be dead grass in their lawn. Firstly, grasses are still turning green and what looks dead today may look alive next week. Secondly, we have discussed the issue again with the experts at Purdue’s Turf Center. As in the past, they support the action of aeration
over power raking or dethatching. In short, aerating is more beneficial and less distructive. We hope to have information up soon on our web site comparing the two. Not sure which you need? Call us and we will check your lawn and let you know.
What about winter damage to your lawn and ornamentals? The best thing to do now is wait, observe and give them time to recover. There are cases of extreme damage where it is clear the plants are not going to recover, however in milder cases they may. You will have a pretty good idea in a few weeks. If you need bushes or shrubs removed or replaced, call us for a quote.
As a part of their “green education” series, we will be giving a presentation on lawn care at the Highland library May 15th at 6:30 pm please join us!
This is our new stand on aerator manufactured by Toro. It features the ability to adjust the aeration according to the soil on which we are working. Review the enclosed material about aeration and call us for a quote or with any questions. Spring, early summer and fall are great times to aerate.
Another new piece of equipment that will allow us to increase the quality of our service, is an over seeder manufactured by Billy Goat. See the enclosed material. If your lawn needs repair or renovation, contact us and we can discuss your options. Seeding before or after summer each has its individual pro’s and con’s and in the end depends upon your needs.
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