Bed Edging

In bed edging we use a machine and clearly cut a sharp tapered edge into the soil surrounding your planting beds.

Whether it contains flowers, vegetables, or whatever you prefer, a garden bed is enhanced by edging.  Around a bed of ornamental plants, edging focuses the viewer's attention like a frame around a picture.

Few things can do more to improve the overall neat and clean look of a home or business than to edge beds where they meet grass areas

In addition to the aesthetic improvement, an edged bed GREATLY reduces bed weeding since the grass rhizomes are stopped dead in their tracks by the edging process.

Without edging the grass will grow into the bed and whenever there is a contest, grass almost always wins out in the long term versus annuals and perennials. Grass belongs in a lawn. When it is in a garden bed, it is a weed.

Also, whether you use mulch or leave the soil uncovered in a contained area, edging is the only way to assure a clean separation.
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