Customer Testimonies
The weeding & trimming look amazing. Thanks  Dale (Saint John 2022)

Thank you! Lawn looks so much better. Mark (Highland 2022)

I love my yard! Thank You. Judy (Munster 2022)

Lawn looks good!!! Great!  Robert (Saint John 2022)

Thank You,
Crew is doing a Great Job! My lawn has never looked this good, Holly (Griffith 2022)

Thanks Matt,
Lawn looks great. The crew is doing a wonderful job. Mary (Schererville - 2022)

Awesome job. Thank you so much! Laurie G.

We are so pleased with your work. I will send business your way! Thank you Bill P. 

Matt and Jim, The guys are doing a fantastic job. My lawn looks great. Mary W.

Thank you for everything! Mom's lawn always looks great! Dan P. 

Your crew did a great job cleaning up my yard. Kathleen S. 

Great job! Wilma M.

Thank you for the great job you did for us! Ann G.

I am so glad you are my lawn service! Janet M. 

This is Mrs. K. Thank you again, the crew who did the lawn yesterday really did a good job, they weed whacked real good, I really appreciated that, I just wanted to call and say thank you.

This is Mrs. A. from Munster, I appreciate all your help and thank you very much for the great service.
This is Mike V. just calling to let you guys know that we are selling our house actually and we are ready to go ahead and cancel the service. But we wanted to say that we really appreciate everything you have done. We think it’s made our yard look absolutely wonderful and it has made a big difference in helping us sell our house. Thanks guys.

HI it’s Betty. I was just calling to say the yard looked fabulous. So I actually wanted to thank you for keeping up, the yard looks really good today. Thank you so much.

Hi this is Dave A. I had you guys do my lawn a couple of days ago. I just wanted to take a minute and call you guys up and say you did an outstanding job. I couldn’t be happier. It looks great. Assume I will be using you again and I will be telling all my friends about you. Thank you so much. (He is now a weekly customer)

Hi Matt this is Mrs. B we were very impressed with what we saw, my husband he was also impressed with the work you guys have done. We wanted to just tell you so much and we do like the work you guys put out, we appreciate it, have a wonderful day. 

This is A. I just wanted to call and say thank you so much the yard looks beautiful. The guys did a great job you can just tell that they really did a great job. Just wanted you to know that we are very happy, thank you so much.

Matt & Jim,
I emailed you but I wanted to leave you a voicemail too. Just wanted to tell you how much I love my new tree. I love the tree. I love the mulch. I love the stone work. It was like coming home to Christmas.You guys are the best. I was gone for the weekend. I came home, it was there. It was a really great surprise. I also want to also thank you for putting those landscaping blocks in the back. You guys are terrific and I speak highly of you whenever anybody asks and sometimes when they don’t. Thanks again guys, I appreciate it again. Ms. C - Griffith

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your crew did they are just most excellent. Thanks for the great service, take care. Ms. S - Munster

Hi Jim, lot of snow great for you. Just wanted to tell you the guys got to my house last night, did a great job, very happy. Know you are very busy and that’s good. Thanks again. Mr. Y - Highland

I just wanted to call and complement you and the people who work for you. We are very pleased with what you’ve been doing so far as far as maintaining our lawn. Calvin and Greg were out this morning and I talked to them a little bit, and conveyed to them that we are just so very, very pleased with the job they are doing. They are very meticulous in what they do as far as the cutting of the lawn and we are just real happy with it and I know my wife is going to get in touch with you as far as changing over the fertilizer to your company too. I just wanted to call you. No need to you to call me back I just wanted to call and give you a complement as some times those are well deserved and this one is. Mr. T - Highland

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