Fertilization, Weed, 
and Insect Control 
Your lawn is a living organism and just like you it requires food, water, a healthy diet and protection from things that can weaken or harm it.  Through experience, classes, State licensure and our involvement in the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (MRTF) of Purdue University we know the proper care and needs of your lawn.

Fertilization to be effective, requires the correct nutrients, applied in the correct amounts at the correct time of the year. The same statement applies to pest control products, whether you are dealing with weeds, grubs, bill bugs or other insects as these controls too must be adjusted for the target, its size maturity, and season. The goal for fertilizer is to apply 3 - 3.5 pounds of nitrogen to your soil during the year and is done in this fashion: (check out our maintenance page for even more information about why these are the best times to fertilize) 

    Spring - Application of pre-emergent crab grass control

    May -  Application of broad based slow release fertilizer. Also broadleaf weed control

    July - (Optional) If you regularly water your lawn during the dry summer season, now is the time to                apply a summer fertilizer. If you do not water, this application is not beneficial, and can be                skipped. 

    September - This is the key application of the year which enhances root and plant production. 

    October / November - This application of a quick release high nitrogen fertilizer is crucial to a                                         successful spring growing season.  Also broadleaf weed control.

We offer a full range of chemical, organic and hybrid fertilizers and weed and insect control products and programs.

We also offer soil testing, performed by an agricultural lab, is available in order to best focus and identify the needs of your lawn.

Feel free to contact us to request a review and identification of the fertilization and pest control needs of your lawn by our licensed technician
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