(The Magnificent Seven)
Gardens are one of the true beauties of the outdoors. A key to their enjoyment is their variety.  Gardens can be large, small, in the ground in planters/containers or window boxes.  Together we can design, install and maintain the garden or mixture of gardens that meet your needs.

They can vary in style and purpose:

Kitchen / Vegetable- Grow items for your kitchen

Cutting- Produce flowers for indoor arangements

Bird- Attract birds to your garden with an approved sanctuary.

Butterfly- Create an environment that will attract butterflies

Herb- Herbs can be both for the kitchen and a feast for the eyes

Flower- We can create a garden which is filled with a collection of flowers to beautify a spot ion your yard.

Mixture-  If you want more than one of these gardens, they can be mixed together.

Remember, the residents of gardens, plants, can have very different needs according to climate zone, soil types, sun or shade and maintenance levels.  These should be taken into consideration in the design of your garden. We can answer questions, and help you pick out the garden that will be perfect for your yard. 
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