Installation - Replacement - Repair
Whether you require a new lawn,  replacement, repairs or support for and old lawn, we have the experience to help you.

SOD – Sod is instant lawn, the installation of pieces of grass in order to create a new carpet of turf.

SEED – This involves preparing the soil and planting seeds on bare soil which then grow to form a new lawn.

OVER-SEEDING – Seeds are planted in an existing thin or weakened lawn in order to strengthen and thicken the turf.

HYDRO-SEEDING – Seeds are mixed in a slurry or mulch and sprayed onto bare ground and grow to form a new lawn.

The above methods vary in terms of time and cost.  In all cases preparation is the key to avoiding problems in the future.  Contact us for a no cost review and estimate.
 Lawncare and Landscaping